Tips for Writing a CV

Writing a CV that really sells you in the jobs market is a time consuming task so the first tip is that you should start writing a CV well in advance of a job application. If you don't, it is likely to be rushed and will not present you at your best. Many job applications end up in the bin on the basis that the CV is uninspiring and hastily produced.

Make sure that you use positive language in your CV. Make sure that your skills are emphasized and any weaknesses are played down. An example of this is with GCSE results. If they are a bit mixed, simply state on your CV how many you have, in what year you earned them and that the core subjects such as English, Science and Maths are amongst them. The interviewer will probably not be worried at this stage about individual results - they have so many applications to sift through it is a minor detail. They can always ask at a later date.

Be concise. Try to keep sections as short as possible without losing the essence of what message you are trying to give about yourself. In some cases that can backfire though:

Recruitment and day to day management of junior staff’

Yes, this does indeed tell the interviewer what you have done but only very vaguely. It does not showcase your skills. This is one of the areas that would be better written as:

Management of a designated group of staff, including:

  • Twice daily staff briefings

  • Daily target settings

  • Continuous encouragement to achieve

  • Ensuring a high level of customer care, including complaint resolution

  • Effectively managing conflict

  • Carrying out the entire recruitment process for all junior members of staff

  • Ensuring all training requirements for the staff were met

It is all about balance. For the average job seeker, striking this balance is a tricky thing. It is a good idea to get your CV professionally written initially. Once you see how the professionals have done it, you can follow their example at a future date as you update your CV.

Which brings us to the final tip of this post - make sure that you update your CV as you develop new skills, it will save you a lot of time in the long run and make sure that you are able to respond quickly when the job of your dreams

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