— Jan 14, 2014

CV Writing Service Leeds

A few tips about the job opportunities in Leeds and how to find a Leeds CV writing service that will give you the best chance of…

— Dec 10, 2013

Tips for Writing a CV

Welcome, here are some top tips for writing a great CV.

— Oct 15, 2013

How to pull together a First Class CV

Pulling together a first class CV that truly reflects your skills, abilities and experiences can seem like a very laborious…

— Jun 12, 2013

Using stories in your CV

Do you know someone who can tell a great story? Who can captivate their audience with the plot line, the characters, the ‘what…

— Jun 9, 2013

Addressing gaps in your Career History

There are lots of reasons as to why an individual may have gaps in the Career History section of their CV.